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Company History:

MonTa Biosciences` technology has been developed at The Danish Technical University.

The team behind the technology is lead by CEO, PhD, Simon Skjøde Jensen, Professor, PhD, Thomas Lars Andresen, Associate Professor, Jonas Henriksen, Assistant Professor, Ladan Parhamifar all Micro- and Nanotechnology Department, Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark.

The team have acquired strong competencies in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, IP and FTO analyses, Proeject and people management, development for clinical trial preparation and GMP production of nanoparticles.

In August 2014, MonTa Biosciences achieved a Pre-Seed Grant from the Danish life science Investor Novo Seeds, and a grant from Copenhagen Spin out. These grants have made it possible to expand our data package and reach Proof-of-Principle.

In June 2016 we have been awarded with a Grand Solutions grant from InnovationsFonden together with DTU and the Major University Hospital in Copenhagen and 3 other Companies. This grant is a strong support for development of the technology towards First-In Man studies.

In January 2017 we have closet an Investment from one of the largest early-stage Danish Investors Pre-Seed Innovation, through the top 1 seed innovation accelerator Accelerace.