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Our lead candidate is a liposome formulation of a TLR7 agonist that is a potent stimulator of the innate immune system. 

We have currently demonstrated proof of principle with our monocyte targeting technology in preclinical rodent models. The studies demonstrate a potent anti-metastatic activity in experimental mouse models, in addition to reduced toxicity compared to the free compound.

Our formulation is a ”simple” formulation in the sense that we do not depend on targeting molecules on the liposome surface. Instead the liposomes target to monocytes due to modification of the liposome surface. The "simplicity" of our technology is expected to lead to reduced risks and cost during development.

We focus to demonstrate a beneficial effect of our technology as an adjuvant treatment after fractionated radiotherapy to boost the ability of the immune system to gain a memory function towards tumor antigens phagocytosed individually in each patient. This memory effect is believed to be able to approach and eliminate not only the primary tumor, but also metastasis originating from the primary tumor at distant sites.

We expect to initiate a clinical phase I study in patients with metastatic cancer in combination with radiotherapy.

The liposomes are prepared by well-known standardized liposome production methods as used for currently marketed liposome formualtions.

All lipid constituents are available at GMP quality, which facilitates a faster development process.