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The Founders behind MonTa Biosciences

Simon Skjøde Jensen, PhD., MSc, Simon has a background as R&D manager in the biotech industry, and is experienced in project and people management. Simon has lead larger research collaborations granted by EU and national research bodies. Simon has experience in business development, license agreements, contract negotiations, partnership and Investment discussions, outsourcing and securing IP. Simon has a strong academic experience in the fields of cancer biology, immunology, inflammation and drug delivery, and a track record of 30 research or review articles and patent applications. Previously he held a position as Head of Biological R&D at LiPlasome Pharma.


Thomas Lars Andresen, PhD., MSc, Professor

Thomas is Professor, Department Head of DTU Nanotech and group leader of the Colloids and Biological Interfaces group at DTU Nanotech and is head of the DTU Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics. Thomas is expert in biomaterial engineering for drug delivery and imaging applications. Thomas is experienced in biotech start-ups and have founded 4 companies.  Thomas has a strong academic experience in the fields of organic chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, drug delivery and cancer biology, and holds a track record of more than 70 research or review articles and patent applications. 



Jonas R. Henriksen, Ph.D., M.Sc., Assistant Professor & Senior Scientist in formulation

Jonas is Associate professor at DTU Nanotech and heads a group, which is part of DTU Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics. Jonas has a strong background in physical chemistry of self-condensed matter systems and nanoscale materials, and is an expert in biomaterial engineering within drug delivery and imaging applications.  Jonas has experience with scale-up production of liposomes and has completed GMP production and documentation of liposomes for clinical trials. Jonas has a background in the biotech industry working on formulation of liposomes for treatment of cancer.


Ladan Parhamifar, Ph.D., B.Sc., Immunology and flow cytometry

Ladan is Assistant professor at DTU Nanotech and has a strong background in cell and cancer biology, cell signaling, complement system, nanomedicine and drug delivery. Ladan has a strong scientific experience in analyses of nanoparticles for in vivo applications, experience with in vitro assays, cellular imaging and is an expert in flowcytometry applications.




Anders E. Hansen, Ph.D., DVM, In vivo pharmacology

Anders is experienced working with in vivo pharmacology in a range of different models and technologies, with focus on application of nanotechnologies in immune related models as cancer and inflammation. Anders has experience with rodents as well as dogs and larger animals.