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Our Approach to efficient Cancer Immunotherapy

The MonTa Biosciences' technology is a promising technology to combine with existing types of cancer treatment, by boosting the immune system with a TLR7 agonist that activates key immune cells. The immune cells are activated to enhance tumor cell uptake and build an anti-tumor memory response that is able to mount a response towards primary tumors as well as metastatic lesions in the patient, aiming to cure patients with metastatic disease. 

Some of the most promising combination treatments with our technology includes: 

Combination with Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is applied to 50 % of cancer patients today. Radiotherapy cause tumor cell death in the irradiated tumor. The dead tumor cells are cleared by the immune system, and in some cases activate the immune system to fight other tumors in the patient including metastasis (abscopal effect). It is well known that monocytes and other phagocytes play a major role for this mechanism, but also that these cell types are less active in cancer patients than in healthy individuals.

With our strategy we activate major immune cells in the cancer patients post radiotherapy to promote the abscopal effect, leading to education of the immune system to recognize, fight and eliminate metastasis in the patient.

Combination with Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic Antibodies like Rituxan®, Erbitux® and Herceptin® cause tumor and stroma cell death. This effect is partly mediated through the Antibody Dependent Cell Cytotoxic effect (ADCC) and Antibody Dependent Cell Phagocytic effect (ADCP), mediated by phagocytic cells like monocytes and NK cells, and this effect is damadged in cancer patients. Our strategy is to enhance the ADCC and ADCP effects in cancer patients after treatment with therapeutic antibodies. 

Combination with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors target the immune escape mechanism to promote survival of cancer patients with e.g. metastatic melanoma. Our strategy is to combine TLR7-agonist treatment with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors towards PD-1 and PD-L1 to promote tumor elimination through immune activation together with suppression of immune escape.