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Todays challenges in cancer treatment

The major challenge for cancer treatment today is to improve treatment and survival of patients with advanced, recurrent and metastatic disease.

The total number of patients expected to die in 2018 from recurrent and metastatic cancer exceeds 400.000 in the US alone, and more then 8 million people Worldwide. More than 90 % of cancer deaths today is caused by metastatic disease.

In particular lung and pancreatic cancer are diagnosed late and often with metastatic disease, resulting in less than 10 % of these patients alive after 5 years. Also cancers with good 5 year survival rates like colon cancer, colorectal cancer, breast and prostate cancer are difficult to treat if the disease has progressed to the metastatic stage.

Our technology provides a solution to this challenge. We have demonstrated the ability of our technology to raise an immune memory response that is effective in treatment of metastatic disease.