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About us

MonTa Biosciences is a start-up biotech company located in the science park of the largest university park in Denmark, The Danish Technical University in Kgs. Lyngby, North of Copenhagen.

The company is a spin-out from a joint collaboration between DTU Nanotech, Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, and Bioneer A/S, a research institute and CRO located in the DTU Scion Science Park in Hørsholm, Denmark. The MonTa Biosciences' technology has been developed through grants from The Danish Strategic Research Council under the NABIIT programme combining Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and IT. The technology was further developed and reached Proof-of-Principle under a Eurostars programme in collaboration between DTU Nanotech, Bioneer and the Swiss biotech Company Telormedix.

The successful projects lead to two patent filings on nanoparticles with ability to target monocytes specifically when administered to whole human fresh blood.

The team behind the monocyte targeting discoveries were lead by Professor, PhD, Thomas Lars Andresen, Senior Scientist Jonas Henriksen, both Micro- and Nanotechnology Department, Technical University of Denmark, and Group leader, PhD, Simon Skjøde Jensen, Bioneer A/S.

Thomas Lars Andresen, Jonas Henriksen and Simon Skjøde Jensen have jointly founded MonTa Biosciences.