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Our technology is based on a potent TLR7 agonist that can boost an antitumor activity by specific formulations designed for the appropriate route of administration. The technology allows uptake into major immune cells like monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells, targeting the intracellular TLR7 receptor, which is a target difficult to reach by traditional technologies.

The TLR7 agonist is a potent stimulator of the innate immune system, which recently has shown to be an attractive approach to boost cancer immunotherapeutic treatments.

Key benefits of the MonTa Biosciences' technology are:

  • Demonstrated technology to turn "Cold tumors into Hot tumors" and enhance PD-1 responsiveness
  • A unique approach to provide innate immune stimulation through the systemic route
  • Our TLR7 agonist is a small-molecule drug that is easily formulated and can target intracellular TLR receptors
  • The TLR7 agonist is superior for intratumoral administration with high ability to cross cell membranes and enter immune cells
  • Demonstrated complete remission in syngenic mouse models
  • Promising technology to complement existing therapies like radiation, chemotherapy, therapeutic antibodies and immune checkpoint inhibitors.