About us

MonTa Biosciences is a clinical stage biotech company located in the science park of The Danish Technical University in Kgs. Lyngby, North of Copenhagen.

Our technology encompass a novel cancer immunotherapy approach using LNPs to stimulate immune cells to migrate into tumor tissue leading to tumor cell killing within hours. The LNPs contain a small molecule TLR7 agonist that due to the formulation show a novel approach to stimulate both innate and adaptive immune responses to suppress tumor growth and metastatic disease. 

MonTa Biosciences started our clinical phase I study in solid tumor patients in 2021 and plan to complete the study in 2025.

Company Background

MonTa Biosciences` technology has been developed at The Danish Technical University with a TLR7 small molecule compound in-licensed from a major US university.

The team behind the technology are the founders; PhD, Simon Skjøde Jensen, Professor; Thomas Lars Andresen, Associate Professor, Jonas Henriksen, Assistant Professor, Ladan Parhamifar and DVM. PhD; Anders E. Hansen.

We are currently running our first in human study in a phase I monotherapy trial and are treating patients in Denmark, Belgium and Spain.

Management Team

Simon Skjøde Jensen

PhD., MSc, CEO

Simon is an experienced CEO and was central to founding MonTa Biosciences in 2015. He has since then led the company through several rounds of financing and secured licensing and patenting of the companys current assets. Simon has together with the MonTa Team developed MBS8 from Bench to Bedside through establishment and scale up of MBS8 production, engaged on the regulatory strategy, conducted IND enabling studies and completing CTA filing for our ongoing clinical study. Simon has a background as manager in the biotech industry and is experienced in innovation, entrepreneurship, management, strategy, oncology, immunology, drug delivery, patenting and licensing. See more about Dr Jensen here.

Morten Just Petersen


Morten is the CDO of MonTa Biosciences and is responsible for CMC and development of MBS8 through upscaling and production of MBS8 as well as being heavily involved in clinical development and operations. Prior to joining MonTa Morten has held management positions in the biotech industry and has led several drug development programmes from tox/safety through clinical phases. Morten has a background in managing drug development activities in the biotech industry and is experienced in CMC, clinical trials, regulatory interactions and vendor management. See more about Mr Petersen here.

Steven Glazer


Steven is an seasoned healthcare and biotech professional with extensive knowledge of research and development, clinical development within oncology as well as medical and regulatory affairs. His background encompasses senior management and hands-on experience from pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries in Europe and the United States. Previous positions include senior assignments at: Novo Nordisk, Dade Behring, Zealand Pharma, BioInvent, Hansa Medical. See more about Mr Glazer here.

Thomas Lars Andresen

PhD., MSc, Professor

Thomas is a serial entrepreneur and has started a number of biotech companies in Denmark and the US. Thomas is currently CEO of a British biotech company and experienced in biomaterial engineering for drug delivery and imaging applications. Thomas has a strong academic experience in the fields of organic chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, drug delivery and cancer biology, and holds a track record of more than 70 research or review articles and patent applications.  

Board of Directors

Lone Schøtt Kunøe

MSc in Economics, Chairman of the Board

Lone Schøtt Kunøe is CEO of Consolidated Holdings A/S and has a master of science in Economics. She has a background in the Danish central bank and in the predecessor of the European Central Bank before she got into management consulting and recruitment at the consultancy company Mercuri Urval.  She has been with Consolidated Holdings for almost 20 years – first as CFO and later as CEO mostly occupied with M&A as well as being chairman or board member of a number of companies – all part of the Consolidated Holdings’ portfolio of companies.

Esper Boel

PhD, Board Member

Dr. Boel has 40 years of experience in international biopharmaceutical R&D, including 22 years as a leader of R&D units at Novo Nordisk, where he was responsible for building and heading a 240+ employee international protein-biotechnology organization. He has served as member of executive teams, as BoD/SAB member and as senior advisor for several high-profile antibody- and immunology-based companies and he has (co)authored 75 original research articles and reviews within several scientific and biomedical disciplines. See more about Dr Boel here.

Sven Madsen

MSc in Business Economics and Auditing

Sven Madsen is CFO in Consolidated Holdings A/S and has a background as an auditor in a number of auditing firms. Sven Madsen has been working with corporate reporting, financing, and corporate management in Codan Insurance, FLS Industries, SystemForum, Atea and Consolidated Holdings. His special competencies are financial accounting, economic and financial trouble shooting and mergers and acquisitions, and is board members in a number of companies. Sven Madsen also holds a Graduate Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting and an MSc in Business Economics and Auditing. See more about Mr Madsen here.

Peter Birk

PhD, Board Member

Dr. Birk is an experienced business accelerator and investor and part of the Accelerace Management team. Dr Birk has a background from management positions in the biotech industry as VP in EpiTherapeutics and Pharmexa, and CSO in ACE BioSciences. Dr Birk has a strong experience in the field of vaccines and immunotherapy, enabling him to strengthen MonTa Biosciences in both business and R&D. See more about Dr Birk here.

The Founders behind MonTa Biosciences

Simon Skjøde Jensen
PhD., MSc

Simon has a background as R&D manager in the biotech industry, and is experienced in project and people management. Simon has extensive experience as life science entrepreneurship, management or larger research collaborations granted by EU and national research bodies. Simon has been instrumental for leading MonTa from early discovery to phase I clinical studies, involving management of business development, license agreements, contract negotiations, partnership and Investments, outsourcing and securing IP. Simon has a strong academic experience in the fields of cancer biology, immunology, oncology and drug delivery, and a track record of 40+ research or review articles and patent applications.

Thomas Lars Andresen
PhD., MSc, Professor

Thomas is Professor, and previous Department Head of DTU Nanotech and group leader of the Colloids and Biological Interfaces group at DTU Nanotech and was head of the DTU Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics. Thomas is expert in biomaterial engineering for drug delivery and imaging applications. Thomas is experienced in biotech start-ups and have founded 4 companies.  Thomas has a strong academic experience in the fields of organic chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, drug delivery and cancer biology, and holds a track record of more than 70 research or review articles and patent applications.

Jonas R. Henriksen
Ph.D., M.Sc., Assistant Professor & Head of Section at DTU

Jonas is Associate professor and Head of Section at DTU. Jonas has a strong background in formulation technology and physical chemistry of self-condensed matter systems and nanoscale materials, and is an expert in biomaterial engineering within drug delivery and imaging applications. Jonas has experience with scale-up production of liposomes and has completed GMP production and documentation of liposomes for clinical trials. Jonas has a background in the biotech industry working on formulation of liposomes for treatment of cancer.

Ladan Roursgaard
Ph.D., B.Sc.,

Ladan was Assistant professor at DTU  and has a strong background in cell and cancer biology, cell signaling, complement system, nanomedicine and drug delivery. Ladan has a strong scientific experience in analyses of nanoparticles for in vivo applications, experience with in vitro assays, cellular imaging and is an expert in flowcytometry applications. Ladan continued her career at Astra Zeneca and is now Medical Advisor for Alexion Pharmaceuticals in Boston. 

Anders E. Hansen
PhD., DVM,

Anders is experienced working with in vivo pharmacology in a range of different models and technologies, with focus on application of nanotechnologies in immune related models as cancer and inflammation. Anders has experience with rodents as well as dogs and larger animals and holds a Senior Research position at DTU Health. 


MonTa Biosciences is privately owned with Consolidated Biosciences as the main shareholder.

Consolidated Biosciences has invested in three investment rounds since 2019, securing capital to complete our phase I clinical trial. Additional shareholders are the founders.