MonTa Biosciences is a Clinical Stage Biotech Company focused on evaluating our lead candidate MBS8 in clinical trials to provide better treatment for patients in need. We have treated more then 10 patients with MBS8 in phase I units in Denmark and seen a dose-dependent induction of biomarkers in patients which demonstrate a clear target engagement

MBS8 is a novel micelle formulation with several unique selling points:

  • Novel Mode of Action for recruitment of antitumor immune cells to the tumor tissue leading to tumor cell killing within hours
  • Immune stimulating micelle formulation engineered to reduce systemic cytokine production with a favorable safety profile
  • Administered using the intravenous route which is a major advantage for doctors and patients
  • Show a remarkable ability to stimulate neutrophil and CD8 T-cell mediated tumor cell killing which has shown important for patient prognosis and survival
  • MBS8 is a micellar formulation of a small molecule TLR7 agonist
  • MBS8 show superior anti-tumor activity in monotherapy compared to many clinically approved therapies
  • Combination with PD-1 and PD-L1 therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy show complete remission in preclinical models