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Welcome to MonTa Biosciences

We focus on development of a novel cancer immunotherapy treatment

Our vision is to activate the innate immune system with a novel TLR7 agonist to educate the immune system to fight metastatic disease in cancer patients.

With our promising technology in cancer immunotherapy we have demonstrated:

  • Strong anti-tumor activity in preclinical models with more than 70 % in complete remission.
  • We can turn "Cold tumors into Hot tumors" by increasing the M1/M2 macrophage tumor phenotype and induce CD8 T-cell tumor infiltration. This is a critical event for patients in order to improve prognosis, increase survival and responsiveness to treatment.
  • We can provide targeting of a TLR7 agonist to the intracellular located Toll Like Receptor 7 in endosomes of monocytes, dendritic cells and macrophages to stimulate an innate immune response.