MonTa Biosciences is a Clinical Stage Biotech Company focused on evaluating our lead candidate MBS8 in clinical trials.

MBS8 is a novel micelle formulation with the unique selling points:

  • Novel Mode of Action for recruitment of antitumor immune cells to the tumor tissue leading to tumor cell killing within hours
  • Immune stimulating micelle formulation engineered to reduce systemic cytokine production with a favourable safety profile
  • Administered using the intravenous route which is a major advantage for doctors and patients
  • Show a remarkable ability to stimulate neutrophil and CD8 T-cell mediated tumor cell killing
  • MBS8 is a micellar formulation of a small molecule TLR7 agonist which has undergone GMP scale up production
  • Show superior anti-tumor activity in monotherapy compared to many clinically approved therapies
  • Combination with PD-1 therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy show complete remission in preclinical models