MonTa Biosciences announces completion of patient cohort in our phase I clinical trial

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the current dose level study involving our immunotherapeutic drug, MBS8, at clinical sites in Denmark, Belgium, and Spain. Our findings demonstrate good safety and strength of MBS8, as evidenced by an increased Therapeutic Index compared to benchmark compounds. The unique formulation of our small molecule drug within lipid nanoparticles allows targeting immune cells involved in anti-tumor activity. Importantly, this formulation minimizes effects on non-target cell types, reducing toxicity of MBS8 in patients. In preclinical models, MBS8 has exhibited superior antitumor activity compared to benchmark compounds, resulting in an impressive twentyfold expansion of the therapeutic window. Monta Biosciences’ CEO, Simon Jensen, emphasizes the significance of this dramatic increase in therapeutic index and expresses optimism about its potential impact in patients at the next dose level.